Social Bar Large

Starting From: $85

Who doesn’t need a reason to buy a new tool? A shiny new circular saw? A loud, powerful belt sander? A high quality routing machine? Everyone loves adding to their tool collection. That is, unless time and budget aren’t your friends – and when that’s the case, there’s no better solution for an impromptu party or gathering than a Korrugate IT! bar. Get all the functionality of a constructed bar without needing to buy a single tool and with no trips to the emergency room. It sets up fast and makes for a great solution to serve up spirits with friends. The household designs are great for living rooms, family rooms or dens, as the high quality graphics stand out while also blending in.

Product Dimensions: 72 × 23.5 × 48.75 in

Black & White Wood +
Barrel Wood +
Oak & Beige Wood +
Black & Oak Wood +
Shabby +
Saloon +
Beer +
Happy Hour +
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