How durable is it?

All Korrugate It products have exceptional strength and durability. They have all been engineered to be extremely sturdy and to be put together and disassembled for multiple uses or keep them up for as long as you want.

IMPORTANT: To avoid risk of serious injury or possible death, you should NEVER stand on or climb on Korrugate It! products. While they are sturdy, they are not intended for these uses.

Is it easy to assemble?

The answer is YES, if you use our step-by-step instructions. Korrugate It products simply fold and tab together. A few of our products use plastic screws that are easily put in using a standard screwdriver and our instructions show where the screws should be placed. For best results fold on all scores before starting assembly. Use two hands and even pressure at all times. We also have video links on our website to help with assembly if needed.

Check the individual product pages for links to instructions and videos, or visit out instructions page.

What if something gets spilled on it?

Like any furniture if you spill on it the best protection is to wipe it clean with warm water as soon as possible. Korrugate It products are sealed twice during the printing process. To help keep them water resistant. The sealers add a layer of waterproofing and added protection against wear and tear. After a spill has been cleaned up it will dry to near or almost near appearance depending on what was spilled on it in 24 hours if left in a dry environment.

Are these products recycable?

Absolutely! All of our products are 100% recyclable and we encourage you to recycle responsibly. No glue is used to make any of our products and our inks are all eco-friendly.

When disposing of our products, be sure to break them down as much as possible so that your garbage service is able to easily handle it. Then you can place with your recycled garbage.

What if i'm having trouble with my product/purchase?

No problem! We’re here to help.

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  • Or call 888.880.8545