Short Wide Bookshelf

Starting From: $85

No one’s ever called building an entertainment center the best part of buying a new TV. That’s because it isn’t. It’s a pain. And by the time you’re done, you don’t even want to watch TV anymore. The tiny tools, sorting through screws, washers, and what are the other ones? The ones you install onto bolts? The octagonal ones? We can’t remember, but sorting through them will drive you nuts (see what we did there?). That’s why the Korrugate IT! TV stand is such a great solution. It shares the look of common laminate, hard wood or stone entertainment centers, and it holds up to 300 pounds, but it installs in minutes with little to no trouble – just high quality, printed cardboard and a couple plastic screws. Particle board’s got nothing on us!

Supports up to 120 lbs
Product Dimensions: 48 × 23.5 × 30.75 in