High Top Table


Looking for a nice, tall table to use at a party or event? Maybe something for the family room that’s perfect for a snack or doing some homework? An option that’s less formal than your dining room table, but still makes for a great place to hang out with friends? Your perfect solution is the Korrugate It! high top table. Your friends will love it (they told us), your wallet will like it (this one’s an educated guess, but we do know wallets pretty well), and everyone will talk (we’re, like, totally, all the rage). Don’t grab a cheap, boring table at a superstore, and don’t waste money on something from Sweden with a weird name that tries to be cool. Grab a Korrugate IT! high top table, and you’ll actually “be” cool.

Supports up to 100 lbs
Product Dimensions: 48 × 23.5 × 42.75 in

Black and White +
Shabby +
Black Wood +
Oak +
Tan Wood +
Gray Wood +
Rustic +
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