Coffee Table


Rarely is a piece of home furniture embraced the way the coffee table is. We sit on the couch and rest our feet on it. We plop on the floor and use it for homework. We use it to proudly hold our remote controls, and we give it feature placement in the center of our living rooms, family rooms or dens. It’s more than a piece of furniture. It’s the modern-day kitchen table, and the great versions by Korrugate IT! allow you to have a little fun and sense of individuality with yours. Match the design to your living room or choose one of our fun and artistic designs to show a sense of character. Your living space deserves it.

Supports up to 120 lbs
Product Dimensions: 39.5 × 23.5 × 18.75 in

Black Wood +
Cross Wood +
Beer Zone +
Flag +
Oak +
Flowers +
Gray Wood +
Pine +
Sail Boat +
Shabby +
Tan & Dark Oak +
The Smith's +
Weathered Wood +
White & Black +